The 1955 Baling Talks

Singapore Arts Festival 2011

The dates are 28 and 29 December 1955, when the revolutionary war now known as the Malayan Emergency has been going on for seven long years. In a simple schoolroom in Baling, Kedah, a pivotal moment of Malayan-Malaysian-Singaporean history is playing out: the talks to finally bring an end to the war.

Re-live the heated debates and shrewd political maneuverings of Malayan Chief Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman, Chief Minister of Singapore David Marshall and Chin Peng of the Communist Party of Malaya in The 1955 Baling Talks. Experience the clash of wills and impassioned debate on the meanings of issues that still resonate between Singapore & Malaysia today– notions of nation, loyalty, terrorism, reconciliation, surrender and independence, bluntly expressed by leaders at the highest political level, unhampered by censors.

Four sessions, each with a different set of reader-performers that mix and match people from both sides of the Causeway who are theatre & performance practitioners, members of civil society, the legal fraternity or journalists, will read the complete transcripts of the talks. Go on a journey back in time, to the two days that changed the course of history: The 1955 Baling Talks.

18-19 May 2011
Wed & Thur, 7.30pm

School of the Arts Gallery Singapore

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