Krishen Jit ASTRO Fund calling for 2018 Applications!

The Krishen Jit ASTRO Fund was created by ASTRO and Five Arts Centre to encourage and support experimental creative work in Malaysia.  One of the main objectives of Krishen’s pioneering work was to celebrate original Malaysian art, across a range of disciplines, and in pursuit of innovative modes of expression and intervention.

His groundbreaking theatre practice straddled and brought together a wide range of contrasting spheres, producing projects that were critically exacting through inter-disciplinary, multicultural, multilingual and experimental approaches to making and thinking theatre.

Navigating between theory and practice, tradition and pop culture, the mainstream and the marginal, Hollywood and the Sports Channel, gourmet food and home-cooking, Krishen’s work articulated a Malaysian identity that was ever evolving, and he encouraged practitioners and audiences to reflect on their particular and situated lives and societies in their art-making.

This is the spirit of the Krishen Jit ASTRO Fund.

Once again, in 2018, the fund will give out grants ranging from RM1,000 to RM20,000 for:

The Krishen Jit ASTRO Fund will try to be inclusive, but work sited in Malaysia will be given preference.  All arts practitioners in Malaysia are eligible to apply.  The fund will be managed by Five Arts Centre and ASTRO.

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Our new book is out!

'Excavations, Interrogations, Krishen Jit & Contemporary Malaysian Theatre'

'Excavations, Interrogations, Krishen Jit & Contemporary Malaysian Theatre' is a volume comprising essays, critical reflections and a performance text that stem from an experimental theatre conference held in January 2015 on the work of Malaysian theatre director Krishen Jit (1939 – 2005).

Fourteen writers from different disciplines, generations and backgrounds draw from personal encounters, critical theory and performance analysis to engage with ideas about Krishen’s theatre. They excavate and interrogate Krishen’s practice in relation to a politics of theatre, culture and identity, experimentation and networking, archiving and remembering. Readers are invited to encounter and reflect on these ideas dialogically through works, images, design elements and textual interventions that intimate, if not perform, the way interactions occurred during the conference. Just as a performance relies on an engaged audience, this book depends on active readers to apprehend, digest and respond to questions about the business of theatre.

Edited by Charlene Rajendran, Ken Takiguchi & Carmen Nge, and designed by Zarina Othman for William Harald-Wong & Associates, the publication features contributions from Marion D'Cruz, Janet Pillai, T.K Sabapathy, Satoh Makoto, Huzir Sulaiman, Claire Wong, Kathy Rowland, Bilqis Hijjas, Mark Teh, Alvin Lim & MeLê Yamomo. Published by Five Arts Centre & Epigram Books.

We'll have details for the book launch soon, but in the meantime you can purchase it via Epigram Books ( and Gerakbudaya Bookstore (