2016 Praemium Imperiale Grant for Young Artists

Photo credit: © The Japan Art Association/The Sankei Shimbun

We're very happy to announce that Five Arts Centre received the prestigious 2016 Praemium Imperiale Grant for Young Artists on 13 September at a ceremony in Tokyo, Japan. This award recognises our work in supporting and providing platforms for young artists and their endeavours.

Two of our collective members, Datin Marion D'Cruz & Mark Teh were present to receive the diploma and grant of 5 million yen from the Japan Art Association.

Five Arts Centre would like to express our gratitude and appreciation for this grant, along with the support provided over the years by the artistic community, our audience, our corporate partners, the government and numerous individuals. This grant will assist us to continue our commitment in articulating multiple Malaysian identities and championing local creativity. 

Video above: Courtesy of the Japan Art Association

Links :
1.  Praemium Imperiale citation by International Advisor, Yasuhiro Nakasone:  http://bit.ly/2cqJQMp

2.  Datin Marion D'Cruz's speech on behalf of Five Arts Centre:  http://bit.ly/2cGighu

3.  Fuji TV Japan's coverage of the press conference: http://bit.ly/2c65UcT