Public Recordings - Canadian Artists Talk & Workshop

ARTIST TALK (7 Oct Sat, 3-5pm)

Public Recordings uses the structural and administrative framework of a dance company to question the meanings and possibilities of shared space. It develops and presents hypotheses about group work through formal experiments in dance, theatre, music, publication and other collective gestures.

Public Recordings is led by a group Associate Artists. Working and managing resources collectively, the Associate Artists direct the company’s projects and help Public Recordings’ collaborators initiate new ones. Two of Public Recordings’ Associate Artists are Choreographer Ame Henderson and writer Evan Webber. Ame Henderson is a National Arts Centre Associate Artist, and recipient of a Chalmers Fellowship and the Victor Martyn Lynch-Staunton Award. She is the creator of two commissions for Toronto Dance Theatre. Evan Webber is a two-time Dora Mavor Moore Award-nominated Outstanding playwright and organizes the HATCH performance residency at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre in Toronto. Both work actively on projects in the collective framework of Public Recordings.

The Artist Talk will share some of Public Recordings’ work and some of its approaches and curiosities.

Admission is FREE

WORKSHOP (8 Oct Sun, 3-6pm)

The workshop is aimed at artists and practitioners keen on building/ creating archives and documentation on their own terms. The workshop will also be useful to consider new ways at looking at performance and collective making.

Participants will discuss and draw out their own interests and issues with archival, documentary or historiographical projects, using the score of Ame Henderson and Evan Webber’s co-created ‘performance encyclopaedia’ as a starting point.

performance encyclopaedia is an iterative hybrid work of writing and performance that considers reading as a convivial, political act of togetherness, and by extension, considers writing as an act that produces not objects but shared experiences in time. Each performance encyclopaedia is a different collection of stories and subjects, a product of its creation context and the archive of its authors’ experiences. First created at The Theatre Centre in 2013, performance encyclopaedia has since been presented by the Art Gallery of York University, Toronto Dance Community Love-In, Art Gallery of Ontario and TPAM–Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama, Japan. A new iteration of performance encyclopaedia is being created as part of the Australian Theatre Forum 2017: About Time. Brought Exclusively to ATF2017 as a Keynote Project by OzAsia Festival, Adelaide, Australia, October 5, 2017

Admission is FREE

Adminission is FREE for both artist talk & workshop. However capacity is limited, please make your reservations via:
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