Wayang Fajar

“What Malaysia will we wake up to today?”

Since the last General Election, Malaysians have been treated to so many visions, dreams, and hopes for new Malaysia(s), yet how much has really changed? With so many ‘surprises’ that each new day brings, how do we keep sane? How do we stay safe? How do we respond to these events?

Or is the saying still true, that “the night is darkest just before dawn”?

Wayang Fajar, the first part of the ‘Wayang Cahaya’ series, is a performance of stories inspired by the many dawns we - and Malaysia - experience.

Performed by Azmyl Yunor, Fahmi Fadzil, Grey Yeoh, Lisa Foo, Myra Mahyuddin, Ronnie Khoo & Zedeck Siew.

Details (3 shows):

11 - 12 December 2009 @ 8:30pm
13 December 2009 @ 3.00pm
Venue: The Annexe Gallery, Central Market, Kuala Lumpur.

Entry by donation: RM10 (available on performance days at The Annexe).

Taking place in conjunction with The Annexe's 'Arts For Grabs'!

For more information, call/fax Five Arts Centre at 03-77254858, email or visit

Creative + Production Team

Principal Coordinator's Notes

“There were painted outlines of people on the ground. Su Yin lay down in one and the rest got up together. There was white in their eyes. They carried her on their shoulders and marched her down to the highway. Pigeons flew in formation; they dropped leaflets that urged people to wear stylish black.

“I love you, Malaysia!” they all said”. - excerpt from 'Su Yin', Wayang Fajar.

When we started work on Wayang Fajar in March of this year, it had been almost exactly a year since the March '08 General Election. With coups and cowheads, falling bodies and never-ending by-elections, Malaysia was definitely on our minds. All that talk - about "the dawn of a new Malaysia", the appearance of "1Malaysia", etc - made us wonder: what kind of Malaysia are we living in now?

And having figured out what Malaysia we've woken up to, should we be fearful? Despondent? Should we just let go? Or if we choose to shape the day, how...?

Wayang is as much about stories as it is about the act of storytelling. Over the course of the three years that Projek Wayang has been working, we've come to see that stories and the way they are told are equally important (also where they are told). Among others, Wayang is a 'permainan' (play) and a 'persembahan' (presentation). As 'permainan', wayang clears the room for power structures to be de-centered, destabilised, reconfigured, with some fun on the side! As 'persembahan', wayang reminds that all action takes place in the present; that history and future collide with the here-and-now; that it is from this point that what lies before and ahead are seen.

And so, with Wayang Fajar we attempt to remember, re-consider, and re-tell the stories, ideas, and dreams that have taken place this past year, of the days before today; stories, ideas, and dreams that have kept us awake at night, leaving us tired (or tireless) to face each new day.

Selamat berhibur. Fahmi Fadzil, December 2009.

Press Preview Stories



The Fairly Current Show interview with Azmyl Yunor.


Zedeck Siew, Azmyl Yunor, Fahmi Fadzil & Ronnie Khoo

Ronnie Khoo & Azmyl Yunor

Fahmi Fadzil

Zedeck Siew

Zedeck Siew & Fahmi Fadzil