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Day One: Friday, 9 January 2015

6.00pm          Registration

7.00pm          Dinner Buffet

8.15pm          Welcome Speech by Charlene Rajendran & Marion D'Cruz
                followed by Opening Reception    

8.30pm          Performance #1
                by Huzir Sulaiman & Claire Wong

9.30pm          Performance Dialogue #1
                Moderators: Mark Teh & Ken Takiguchi

10.30pm         End of Day One

Day Two: Saturday, 10 January 2015

9.00am          Registration

9.30am          Keynote Address #1
                "Krishen Jit and the Contemporary in Southeast Asia"
                by T.K. Sabapathy

10.15am         Keynote Dialogue #1
                Respondent: C. J. W-L. Wee
                Moderator: Kathy Rowland

11.00am         Coffee Break

11.30am         Panel Presentations #1
                "Contemporary Business: Construction, 
                  Reconstruction, Deconstruction"
                Speakers: Ong Keng Sen, Leow Puay Tin & Ray Langenbach

12.30pm         Panel Discussion
                Respondent: Paul Rae
                Moderator: Charlene Rajendran

1.00pm          Lunch

2.00pm          Workshop Dialogue #1
                "Practicing… De/Re/Constructions"
                with Marion D’Cruz & Chee Sek Thim
                Moderator: Lim How Ngean

4.00pm          Tea Break

4.30pm          Story Dialogues #1
                "Collaborating with Krishen…"
                with Joe Hasham, Faridah Merican,
                Kee Thuan Chye & Chin San Sooi 
                Moderator: Janet Pillai

6.00pm          Dinner Break

8.30pm          Performance #2
                by Jo Kukathas & Ivan Heng

9.30pm          Performance Dialogue #2
                Moderators: Anne James & Chee Sek Thim

10.30pm         End of Day Two

Day Three: Sunday, 11 January 2015

9.00am          Keynote Address #2
                "Krishen Jit and Networks in Asia"
                by Makoto Sato

9.45am          Keynote Dialogue #2
                Respondent: Ken Takiguchi
                Moderator: Lim How Ngean

10.30am         Coffee Break

11.00am         Panel Presentations #2
                "Experimental Business: Interdisciplinary,
                  Intercultural, Interconnection"
                Speakers: Mohd Anis Md Nor, Soon Choon Mee & Tan Sooi Beng

12.00pm         Panel Discussion #2
                Respondent: Susan Philip
                Moderator: Pat Matusky

12.30pm         Lunch

1.30pm          Workshop Dialogue #2
                "Practicing… Inter-sections"
                with Janet Pillai & Mark Teh
                Moderator: Ray Langenbach

3.30pm          Tea Break

4.00pm          Story Dialogues #2
                "Experimenting with Krishen... "
                with Jillian Ooi, Anne James, Namron & Zahim Albakri
                Moderator: Chee Sek Thim

5.30pm          Wrap-Up Dialogue
                Moderators: Charlene Rajendran, Ken Takiguchi, 
                Janet Pillai & Mark Teh

6.30pm          Closing Remarks

7.00pm          End of Conference, Closing Party

[This schedule is subject to changes without announcement. Please do not treat this as the final version of the programme.]