This year the Krishen Jit Astro Fund received 42 applications for projects in dance, theatre, film, video documentation, publication, visual arts, music, animation, education and interdisciplinary work.

GRANTEES for 2011

Kok Siew Wai
The Grant: RM8000
The Project: KLEX 2011 - The 2nd Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film and Video Festival – 23-27 November 2011.

KLEX 2011 will feature 8 main screening programs including 3 General Open Programs, selecting from over 250 submissions from Malaysia and around the world, 1 Students Program and 4 invited guest programs (Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan and Germany). Several screenings will also be featured off festival sites at New Era College and Multimedia University.

The festival aims to:

Festival Director: Kok Siew Wai is a video-sound artist, voice improviser and independent artist-organizer. She received her B.A. in Media Study at SUNY Buffalo and her M.F.A. in Electronic Integrated Arts at Alfred University, USA. She has exhibited locally and internationally since 2001 in USA, Canada, Europe, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and more. In 2009, Siew Wai spent 2 weeks in Japan for MJVAX video art exchange program. In early 2011, she spent 2 months touring Canada and USA to perform and present her new video works, a selection of South East Asian works from the 1st KLEX 2010. Siew Wai is the co-founder of Studio in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur (SiCKL), and a member of the Experimental Musicians & Artists Cooperative Malaysia (EMACM). She is currently teaching at the Faculty of Creative Multimedia, Multimedia University, Malaysia.

Amanda Leonie

The Grant: RM8000
The Project: Video documentation of the cultural practices of villagers in Kg. Terian.

Kg. Terian is one of the 9 villages in Sabah which will be affected and dislocated by the building of the Kaiduan dam. The project is to document the cultural practices of the people of Kg. Terian and resist the building of the dam.

The project aims to:

Project Director: Amanda Leonie has been involved with the empowerment process of youth through various capacity building. As a university student, she was an active member in the Catholic Student movement, which promotes human rights advocacy and solidarity among marginalized groups in society. She was also the Director of the last annual S.A.L.T 2011 (School Of Acting Justly, Loving Tenderly and Treading Humbly with God) where 27 students had an exposure cum immersion to Kg. Terian and Kg. Buayan as part of the empowerment process to resist dams in Sabah. As an Orang Asal herself, she hopes to one day empower the people of Borneo with knowledge and conscience about their cultural heritage in order for them to realize its significance and hence ensure it is protected and handed down generation to generation. She has also volunteered with Komas and Dignity International and has picked up various creative tools and skills that would be used to engage with marginalized communities.

Christine Yun May Yong

The Grant: RM6000
The Project: Rhythm In Bronze Collaboration Project

The Rhythm In Bronze Collaboration Project is a 1.5 year project that comprises a series of collaborative workshops culminating in a Gamelan Theatre production and a DVD documentation project. The project started in 2010 with the workshops.  The production entitled Maya: Gong Illusions will take place from 20-23 October 2011, and the DVD documentation detailing the entire collaboration project will be released in March 2012.

The project aims to:

Founded in 1997 by ethnomusicologist and composer Sunetra Fernando, Rhythm In Bronze is an award winning, multicultural gamelan ensemble based in Kuala Lumpur. Its music draws from various Southeast Asian gamelan styles. Core to its work is its dynamic gamelan performances and contemporary compositions that have been developed through creative collaborations with musicians and composers from around the globe. In 2005, the ensemble began exploring Gamelan Theatre, an experimental hybridization that has effectively showcased exciting possibilities for gamelan performance. Besides its regular performances, Rhythm In Bronze is deeply committed to conducting gamelan workshops for underprivileged communities.

Foo Fei Ling

The Grant: RM6000
The Project: If It Is Not Now, Then When?

If It Is Not Now, Then When? is James Lee’s latest film about the relationships in a family. Although a simple theme, James intends to present an alternative to what is normally offered by Malaysian cinema. The film has been shot and this grant is to support the post production work.

The film aims to look at how family relationships are reduced to that of almost strangers due to mundane tasks of everyday life and the lack of being able to fulfill or even identify each one’s needs. In James Lee’s own words, “It’s the mundane task and small little things that I believe are affecting the lives of the characters in the movie and also in the real world”.

Producer: Foo Fei Ling graduated from Taiwan Fu Jen Catholic University with a BA in Communication Arts in 2008. She has been involved both on and off screen in the Independent Film scene in Malaysia since 2004. She has been assistant producer for several projects. This is her first attempt as producer of a full length feature film.

Director: James Lee is a self-taught filmmaker who began with theatre and then moved on to film. He has made numerous award-winning films – My Beautiful Washing Machine won the Best Asean Feature Award and the FIPRESCI prize at the Bangkok International Film Festival in 2005. Before We Fall In Love Again won the Best Asean Feature Award at the 2007 Bangkok International Film Festival. In 2009, Call If You Need Me won a silver award at the Asian Digital Competition at the 33rd Hong Kong International Film Festival. Presently James makes both, commercial and independent films.

Lau Chee Shyong

The Grant: RM5000
The Project: Lagenda Melaka – an animatic movie.

The project is to create an animatic movie based on the Hang Tuah story.

The project aims to:

Project Director: Lau Chee Shyong has worked on numerous 2d and 3d animated TV series – Tripping the Rift, Super Striker, Formula X and Tian Ji. He is an award-winning creator of MSC Malaysia IPCC Animation Competition 2008 and MSC Malaysia IPCC Animation Super Pitch 2009 with his project Aerogram. With more than 10 years in TV animated series, TV commercials and electronic games production, Chee Shyong has worked from animator, to writing, directing, producing and managing projects. He has also done part-time lecturing on Film Studies and Animation History.