sebuah darurat dua minggu

Date: 16-26 October 2008

EMERGENCY FESTIVAL! is a multi-arts event taking place at The Annexe, Central Market that examines and re-presents ideas, narratives and images from the first Malayan Emergency, from 1948 to 1960. The festival comprises performances, film screenings, an exhibition, presentations and participatory events.

Festival events:

12 Years

This exhibition contextualises the visual materials from the Malayan Emergency using a contemporary framework. It offers an alternative and interactive approach to presenting history, and investigates into how new instruments of control such as forced resettlements, Identity Cards, food rationing and propaganda campaigns impacted on the people. Curated by Wong Tay Sy, Grey Yeoh and Norman Teh.

Operasi Oktober

Over the course of several encounters, four people gather in anticipation of a revolution. But they don't know that it has already begun. A devised play directed by Fahmi Fadzil, featuring Janet Moo Tein Ni, Lim Chung Wei, Mislina Mustaffa and Mohammad Hariry.

Revolusi '48

The sequel to cult favourite '10 Tahun Sebelum Merdeka', this documentary chronicles the largely forgotten armed revolution for national liberation launched against British colonial rule 60 years ago. The film tells the story of the guerillas who struggled in the anti-colonial war of independence, during the Malayan Revolution of 1948. Directed by Fahmi Reza.

New Village People and Pineapple Rice

"Home or prison?" The lives of two young friends change forever when they are forced to leave everything behind by the British army, and start afresh in a New Village during the Malayan Emergency. Directed by Hari Azizan, and featuring chi too, David Xavier, Lau Mengq Yek, Renita Che Wan and Tan Zi Hao.

Re:Search Re:Source

This series of presentations, performances and participatory events features some of Malaysia's foremost creative personalities presenting their personal research and interpreting the arts, images and themes of the Emergency years - proving that sejarah can be highly creative, participatory and relevant. Curated by Mark Teh, participants include Amir Muhammad, Azmyl Yunor and Pagan Unit, Chu Chu Yuan, Fahmi Reza, Hardesh Singh, Imri Nasution, Jerome Kugan, Leow Puay Tin, Azmi Sharom, Mavis Puthucheary & Tricia Yeoh, Marion D'Cruz & Elaine Pedley, Seng Yu Jin & Koh Nguang How, and Amanda Low, Anne James, Bryan Chang, Faiqsyazwan Kuhiri, Jo Kukathas, Lew Chee Seong, Kee Thuan Chye, Malik Imtiaz Sarwar, Mislina Mustaffa & Yasmin Ahmad.


'ISA' performance by Marion D'Cruz & Elaine Pedley, part 'Re:Search Re:Source' curated by Mark Teh.


EMERGENCY schedule (1.6MB pdf)