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Asian Producers Meeting: Engage, Exchange & Collaborate

presented by Asian Theatre Centre for Creation and Research & The Japan Foundation, supported by Five Arts Centre

The Asian Producers Meeting is a two-day programme of talks, presentations and forums for performing arts producers and art presenters to engage with each other and exchange practices, experiences and models for working; allowing for the possibility of creating the means to collaborate in the future.  Invited speakers will lead discussions about production practices, experiences and cross-national collaboration as a platform for exchange between producers.   Entry point will be the Malaysian and Japanese experience with special attention for discussion with producers from other countries.

This event would be beneficial to those keen on producing/presenting contemporary performing arts, producing models and intercultural collaborations.

Featured speakers include:  Alvin Tan, Carmen Nge, Jo Kukathas, June Tan, Ken Takiguchi, Kentaro Matsui, Lisa Takayama, Lew Chee Seong, Marion D’Cruz, Noriko Kimura, and Saya Namikawa (detailed bios here:

Detailed schedule:

Saturday, 27 March 2010

9:45am:  Welcome Speech

10.00am:  Session 1:  Factors that Effect the Presentation of Performing Arts in Malaysia, Singapore and Japan

Aside from funding, contemporary issues facing performing arts production in Malaysia, Japan and Singapore will be discussed with highlights of contemporary works.  The aim of the session is to share and present how the production of contemporary performance is affected (or not) by social, cultural, political and other factors.  Each presentation will consist of two elements: one regarding the factors that influence and another is a discussion of the work or a body of work (either through video or live performances).  Each element of the presentation can be presented by different speakers from one country, or by one speaker who covers both elements.

Panelists : Lew Chee Seong (Malaysia), Alvin Tan (Singapore), Kentaro Matsui & Saya Namikawa (Japan)
Chairperson : Carmen Nge (Malaysia)

2.00pm:  Session 2:  This is your career?  The models for a Producer in Asia.

Current situation of the works of producers in each country will be introduced to share the basic understanding, issues and practices.  Based on that, the session’s aim is to propose ways to improve the creative environment.  At the same time, the methodology to collaborate among producers will be discussed.

Speakers and Chair: June Tan (Malaysia), Matsui Kentaro (Japan)

3:15pm:  Session 3:  Experiences of Intercultural Collaborations

This session is to share the experiences of the participants involved in intercultural collaboration projects.  The result, issues and problems will be evaluated.  Each presentation should include video screening, detailed description of the project including lessons learned, issues and problems.  Priority will be given to the projects involving Malaysians as a basis to begin the discussion.

Panelists : Marion D’ Cruz, Jo Kukathas (Malaysia)
Chairperson: Ken Takiguchi (Japan)

Sunday 28 March 2010

10.00am:  Session 4:  Establishing Means for Intercultural Collaborations

Based on the experiences shared in Day 1, this session aims to garner response from participants and their experience with intercultural collaboration.  Eventually, this session intends to come up with a proposal to improve this networking conference and to understand requirements for the future intercultural collaboration projects in Asia.

Chairpersons: June Tan (Malaysia), Matsui Kentaro (Japan), Ken Takiguchi (Japan)

1.00pm:  Session 5 (Closed Session):  Setting the Infrastructure for Intercultural Collaborations

This session aims to seek the possibilities to set up intercultural collaborations discussed in Session 3 and 4.  For practical reasons, it will be a closed session amongst those keen in participating in collaborations.  The possible resources available for intercultural collaborations in each country will be discussed and determined.  This session intends to establish a structure to start intercultural projects in  the near future.

Chairpersons: June Tan (Malaysia), Matsui Kentaro (Japan), Ken Takiguchi (Japan)

Venue:  The Annexe Gallery, Central Market, Kuala Lumpur.

Admission Free, by email registration to

For more information, please call Five Arts Centre at 03-7725 4858 or email

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