25th anniversary interviews

2009 being our 25th anniversary and all, we thought it'd be interesting to hear from each and every one of our collective's 13 members. So we devised a format where everyone has to answer the same 3 questions:

  1. Tell us about your entry point to Five Arts Centre.
  2. What’s your favourite Five Arts project?
  3. Let's settle this once and for all - is there such a thing as a "Five Arts style"?

These are followed by a question each from the other 13 members. Who better to ask reflective, difficult and embarrassing questions than people who know your work and the sejarah of the collective? Click on the names below to read the interviews!

Chew Kin Wah
Fahmi Fadzil
Kubhaer T. Jethwani
Lew Chee Seong
Mac Chan
Marion D'Cruz
Ravi Navaratnam

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