20 years in dance and I still don't know what the $#@&?*! I am doing...

a non-lecture about what I don’t know by Lee Su-Feh

Originally from Malaysia, and proud alumni of Janet Pillai’s Teater Kanak-kanak and Marion D’Cruz and Dancers, Lee Su-Feh is a dancer, choreographer and occasional trouble-maker currently based in Vancouver, Canada.

Her work has toured internationally and won awards that have done nothing for her career.  Recently she premiered two full-length works at the Festival Les Antipodes in Brest, France – her solo 'The Whole Beast', and a work for 6 dancers, 'Body-Scan', a co-creation with Benoît Lachambre.  She also organized, facilitated and provoked a three-day conversation called 'So You Think You Don’t Folk Dance'.

She is Artistic Director of battery opera, a company whose multi-disciplinary work interrogates the contemporary body as a site of intersecting and displaced histories and habits.

Details (1 performance):

27 July 2008 @ 3.00pm
Venue:  The Annexe Gallery, Central Market, Kuala Lumpur.

For more information, please call Five Arts Centre at 03-7725 4858 or email

Press Reviews

"Lapsing into movement" - Bilqis Hijjas, KL Dance Watch, 28 July 2009.